Back to School Cinquain

This Tuesday I was amazed by the number of little kids heading to our local elementary school. They stay pretty well hidden because I had NO idea there were so many living around me! Marching briskly in bright new dresses and pants, clean shoes and sizeable back backs. I don’t remember having to wear a backpack to first grade, but then that was eons ago, not as much to learn then I guess. I also don’t remember Mom and Dad walking me to school, but each knot of students had a trailing set of parents to see them off. Maybe to make good and sure they were really in school before heading for the beach or a movie.

In honor of the teachers that take these young minds and turn them into good citizens and students I dedicate this cinquain. Keep doing what you do, our country and indeed our world are depending on you.

Teachers/   Welcome students/  New desk, new room, new books/ Opening minds to ideas and/ Lessons

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