Giving Tuesday is a Chance to Give Back

To celebrate Giving Tuesday this year I’m donating 50% of my proceeds for sales during the month of December to the ASPCA and K9 for Warriors on behalf of Sydney Porter and her friends Fred and Lea and the US Space and Rocket Center on behalf of Cassie Casserole. You can do your part and receive a 20% discount on these two books by purchasing direct from Keyes Canyon Press (links below) and help animals and kids thrive. Thanks for helping out!

Fred teaches Sydney his philosophy of kindness, about the Star Path, and how to survive on the streets. Good thing, too, since she’s been magically transformed into a small brown dog. Sydney isn’t sure if it’s because a bully made her eat dog food, or because she’d wished she could talk to Dad like he did with Fred, the German Shepherd he brought back from Afghanistan with him. This touching, action adventure, humorous fantasy, Teen and YA family fiction, follows Syd’s journey from kid to dog and back with a strong female lead character.  Along the way she meets other stray retired war dogs and forges a canine family that helps her understand her human parents.


11 YO Cassie loves movies and dreams of becoming a film director in space. Step one is to go to Space Camp. She learns of a scholarship for Academic Achievement. A tall order for a kid who is smart but doesn’t pay attention in class and hates science. Her teacher assigns her a science fair project. Cassie selects the four forces of flight and uses paper airplanes to test her thesis. The night before the fair her brother breaks her presentation boards. She takes what’s left to the fair, props her phone containing the movie she made and runs it on a loop. Her will to succeed pays off in the end.


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