Searching for a Shero

Given today’s police shootings, nasty political discourse, and social movements: #metoo and Black Lives Matter, for example, I find myself wondering what happened to our heroes? Merriam-Webster defines a hero as: Mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability An illustrious warrior A person admired for achievements and noble qualities One who... Continue Reading →

I'm excited to tell you that I'll be speaking to the Pleasant Valley School 5th and 6th grade class on October 16. I can't wait to share what I do and hopefully inspire them all to write - write - write!

Letter on a Train

I'm pleased to say that my short story, A Letter on a Train, has been published in The Quill Magazine. This is my first fiction published since the 1970's when I won a creative writing contest sponsored by the Detroit News and Scholastic.  

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