Winning Cinquain

I’m thrilled to have won a case of Cinquain Cellars flagship wine, Cinquain, in the latest poetry contest.  For those not familiar with a cinquain, it is a five line poem with defined syllables in each line. The first is 2, then 4, 6, 8, and the last back to 2.  2-4-6-8-2

Here is the poem that will be on the back label of the bottles when they are released later this year.

Five grapes
Cinquain melody plays
Harmony crescendos inside
My glass

Cinquain Cellars is definitely worth checking out. I love their wine and they are great people.


Back to School Cinquain

This Tuesday I was amazed by the number of little kids heading to our local elementary school. They stay pretty well hidden because I had NO idea there were so many living around me! Marching briskly in bright new dresses and pants, clean shoes and sizeable back backs. I don’t remember having to wear a backpack to first grade, but then that was eons ago, not as much to learn then I guess. I also don’t remember Mom and Dad walking me to school, but each knot of students had a trailing set of parents to see them off. Maybe to make good and sure they were really in school before heading for the beach or a movie.

In honor of the teachers that take these young minds and turn them into good citizens and students I dedicate this cinquain. Keep doing what you do, our country and indeed our world are depending on you.

Teachers/   Welcome students/  New desk, new room, new books/ Opening minds to ideas and/ Lessons

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