My mirror reflects a woman, five feet tall, grey hair, age spots daubed with foundation, dusted with powder, yet still visible. Ancestors from Britain, Ireland, and Alsace Lorraine fill my gene pool But they don’t tell you who I am. Once the title on my business card defined the square footage of my office, the... Continue Reading →


  Orange and black Flutters around my garden Stops to sample the lavender Check out my assortment of weeds Just a visitor Heading to the coast Like snow birds who shun slush and cold head south to Florida Do butterflies gather in large klatches Play bingo and maj jong While away the days until they... Continue Reading →

The Empty Rocker

Ethan Allen rocker Brown with gold stencils Spindles and curved arms I rock forward and back Toes pointing, head resting Swing set swaying Row boat rocking I sit for a spell Travel somewhere Floor boards creaking Memories distant


Angled autumn light Filters through the gathering Clouds of winter As I drive over the mountains To the sea - Shines on the suede brown hills Dances on the golden hue of the Canyon Oaks and Cottonwoods Orange-red berries of the Toyon Iron rust trunks of manzanita And the steel blue Pacific Ocean - When... Continue Reading →

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