Is it Madness to Celebrate Celery?

Did you know there are all sorts of things celebrated with a special day, week, or month? March is full of them. Some you know well: St. Patrick’s Day (a personal favorite of mine), March Madness, and Women’s History Month.

Some you probably don’t know about such as: National Caffeine Awareness, National Celery Month, National Frozen Food, and amazingly enough, National Umbrella Month. I don’t know about you, but I’m aware of caffeine every day, and can’t imagine why it needs a whole month of recognition.

From my perspective the ones that are important are literary. March 4 is Grammar Day (lots of social media posters need this day), the 6 – 12 is Read an eBook week, and the 16th is National Freedom of Information Day.

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I plan to celebrate these occasions by ensuring this blog contains NO grammatical errors, and by telling you that all Keyes Canyon Press books are available in eBook form. You can find them wherever you search for eBooks and celebrate Read an eBook week in style!

What big days do you plan to celebrate in March? Post a comment and share the weird and wonderful things you do to revel.

A few helpful links to make your search easier:

The Maiden Voyage of the Mary Ann – by L. G. Reed

Sydney Porter:Dog Girl – by L. G. Reed

The Science of Defying Gravity – by L. G. Reed

Before the After: Love, Loss and Revolution in the Time of COVID – by Mary Anne Anderson

Sydney’s Thanksgiving Magic

Sydney woke to the tantalizing aroma of a fresh baked apple pie. Thanksgiving at last! She didn’t think the past week would ever end. Now the celebration was here, and she had so much to be thankful for. After years of no contact with her grandparents they were now a part of her life. Her friend Rachael had moved but they kept in touch through the Internet. Her dad was better, and Mom wasn’t working as much.

Nana and PopPop arrived yesterday afternoon and Sydney could hear her mother’s laugh and Grandma’s deep chuckle in the kitchen.  Bright sunlight streamed in the window.

“Hey, sleepyhead,” Mom said when Sydney walked into the kitchen. A huge turkey rested in a large, oval roasting pan. She pushed a handful of stuffing into the turkey. Grandma sat at the table drinking coffee. Her pencil made a scratchy sound as she filled in little boxes of a crossword puzzle. “What’s a five letter word for unexpected?” she asked.

Mom shoved another handful of stuffing that smelled like onions and chestnut into the bird. Syd’s mouth watered.

“Surprise?” her mom said.

“No, too many letters,” Nana said. “Starts with the letter M.”

Sydney pulled a bowl and a box of cereal from the cupboard then sat down across from her grandmother.

“Magic, maybe?” Nana said.

Sydney tensed. “Magic?” Her voice rose at the end of the word, making it sound like she’d never heard of such a thing. Did her mom or Nana know about magic? That she, Sydney Porter, had that ability?

“Well, it’s certainly unexpected, assuming it exists,” her mom said.

“Of course, it exists,” Nana said and wrote the letters into the five squares. “It fits.”

“You mean like Christmas magic? Or a “magical moment”?” Mom flipped the bird over and tied the legs together.

Nana tucked the pencil behind her ear. “Don’t you remember Naomi? When you were little, you could make flowers bloom and talk with the cat?”

Sydney felt a tingle run up her spine. She could understand all animals and carry on long conversations with them in their own language. “You could do those things, Mom?”

Mom brushed a few strands of hair out of her face. “No. I don’t remember being able to do that” Her voice hesitated, like she was trying to convince herself it hadn’t happened.

“Nonsense. My mother could do things too, magic runs in the family,” Nana said. Sydney’s heart pounded so hard the blood rushing past her ears made it hard to hear. Should she tell them she had magic too? Was now the best time to reveal her secret? Then a thought hit her. Nana said her mom had powers when she was young, but Mom didn’t remember. Did that mean her abilities would disappear too?

“Mother,” her mom said. “You’re exaggerating. Don’t give Sydney ideas.”

Nana lifted her gaze from the puzzle and squinted at Sydney, then smiled. “I haven’t told her anything she doesn’t already know.”

“Did you have magic, Nana?” Sydney asked.

“I can read minds.” The corners of Nana’s lips curled up before she went back to her crossword.

Sydney’s eyes widened despite her effort to show no emotion. If her Nana knew her thoughts, then she’d already know what Syd could do. The metal roasting pan screeched as her mom slid the turkey into the oven. Sydney couldn’t tear her gaze away from her Grandmother. She leaned across the table toward her.

“You know?” Sydney whispered.

Nana nodded, so slight only she and Sydney saw.

“Your secret is safe,” Nana whispered back, never looking up. Sydney sat back and breathed out a long, slow breath.

“El Paso de …., six letters,” Nana read out.

Sydney stood and walked her dishes to the sink. Someday she’d tell her mother. But not today. Today she was thankful for her family and her magic.

Dear readers,

I want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. As difficult as this year has been, there are always things I’m grateful for. My family, friends, readers, dogs, the beautiful Central Coast, wine, cheese, camping, fresh tomatoes off the vine and my health. Take some time this holiday season to make a list of the things you are grateful for.

You can read Sydney’s entire adventure with magic in Sydney Porter: Dog Girl. Available this holiday season at a 20% discount. CLICK HERE to buy NOW!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Catching Up

I’ve been meaning to write an article about what I’ve been up to, but you know the saying…life got in the way. The end of the year seems a good time to push aside the things I’ve been focused on and reflect. Not push away as in never touch again, just pause. To breathe.

“Take a rest. A field that has rested yields a beautiful crop.” – Ovid

First – a bit of news, my partner Ken and I have launched our own publishing company. Yes, I know, lots of people are doing that, which is something I find exhilarating. Authors are taking the power of publishing into their own hands, leveraging the technological advances of the internet and the burgeoning freelance community of resources to get their words out to the public. So, without further ado – introducing KEYES CANYON PRESS. Named after the canyon that runs down at the bottom of the hill behind our home, it signifies the freedom of a canyon and the stability of a key. As in, the key to success is within each of us to grab.

Keyes Canyon Press has released its first novel; Sydney Porter: Dog Girl by L.G. Reed. This fantasy novel for 9-12-year-old kids (and adults with young spirits) has received amazing reviews. Check out the links below for all the ways you can purchase this delightful book.

Part of the charm of Sydney Porter: Dog Girl is that large portions of the story are narrated by a dog. There aren’t many books out there narrated by non-human characters and the switch in perspective is amusing and interesting. Have you ever thought about what your dog was thinking as they walked down a street, sniffing at bushes, ears cocked to hear the squirrel in the tree above them chatter? Well this book puts you there. The author has started a Pinterest page of books narrated by dogs. Do you know of any that aren’t included? Let us know and we’ll add them.

What else do we have going on? Glad you asked. Our next book, THE SCIENCE OF DEFYING GRAVITY, will come out in late spring 2020. Cover design is underway, and the next step will be getting review copies out there for blurbs and reviews. This STEM fiction shares the story of an ambitious girl who dreams of directing movies in space. She’s creative and resourceful and doesn’t like science. Getting to Space Camp and a career as an astronaut will be a challenge until she faces that hurdle.

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As we careen into the holiday seasons ahead, please take time to enjoy family and friends. Turn off the phone and curl up with a good book. Splurge on cookies and coco. Life is precious. Tell your loved ones that you care for them. Sappy, I know, but all those things that prevented me from keeping in touch with you, dear reader, have reminded me how important these actions are.  Happy Holidays!

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