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Layoff Article Summer 2004 SWE Magazine

Journaling Summer Issue 2005 SWE Magazine

The Oregon Trail and my Lessons in Leadership Article SWE Magazine

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Letter on a Train – The Quill Magazine

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Dream Reflection


Poem - Fog - Poetry Month SLO Tribune April 2015

One Gold Earring

Poem - One Gold Earing - Poetry Month SLO Tribune April 2016



It’s Here – Short Story – 1976

Okay – so I know this is old – but it is the singular bit in my past that set me on a path to write.  1976 Certificate of Merit wining Creative Writing – Short Fiction (they called it a Senior Informal Article (?)) that netted me a dictionary with my named stamped in gold on the cover. Plus a Scholastic Award Key and a life long love of writing.